What is this?

Bend Meter

This free-to-use rebar bend meter guide is made by Capitol Steel to help ease the checking of rebar inside bends. If properly printed and utilized, this meter guide can help ensure rebars at any site are bent according Philippine National Standards requirements.

How to use?

So to get started with our bend meter, follow the steps below!

Required Tools:

– Computer or any device that can be connected to a printer
– Printer

Things Needed?

– A3 paper or other desired material on which the guide will be printed

Steps to use the bend meter:

Step 1

Download the full sized meter guide.

Step 2

Print the meter guide on your desired material, it can be plain paper, acetate, or others.

Note 1: Ensure the size of the material is equivalent to that of an A3 paper (16.5inx11.7in).
Note 2: Ensure that the printer scale is at 100% to avoid inaccuracies.

Step 3

Compare the diameter of the inside bend depicted on the meter to the actual inside bend formed. If the material which the meter guide is printed on is opaque, place the meter guide behind or beneath the bent bar. If transparent, then it can be simply placed atop the actual bent bar.

Need a more customized bend meter guide?

Contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you!